Our Family



About Our Family

Hi All! We are a family owned business in Vine Grove, KY!  My names Kitt, I  design all of our products.  My husband Richard is the craftsman - he cuts, finishes, and paints your orders with the help of our son Noah. Then there is my sister Angela, she helps out with all of the customer service and inquiries. She also help design and package orders!  When you contact us she is usually the one writing back.  There is my oldest daughter Ash, who just graduated college, and helps me with design work and organizing the designs getting them ready to cut.  We also have two more children Zoey and Noah who are still in School.  Zoey is in college to be a teacher, and Noah is 16 and we don't know what his future holds yet, but we know he's going to do it well. And finally we have our mascot, our cute white fluff and stuff pup June Bug. So that's our family, and I may be biased but I think we are pretty awesome.  We love what we do, not that's there's days when it isn't wildly stressful, but we get it done. 

About Our Business

We started our metal business about a two years ago on Etsy.  I already had a business called Queen-of-Theme-Party-Games.com , that I had been running for over 10 years.  I started that business when my kids were young as a chance to use my graphic design skills from home.  When my husband first decided he was going to get a CNC machine it was going to be just him, but we quickly realized that I was able to make original creative designs that would cut as opposed to the pre-made generic designs he was planning to use.  So we joined forces and started making custom signs.  He is an excellent craftsman and uses heavy duty 14 gauge steel for all of the products we make. We started an Etsy shop (McIntyre Metalworks) and soon our business was going so well we had to bring more family on the team.  Now we have just recently started Moxie & Metal to help branch out from Etsy into our own shop.  Hopefully we can build it up to as well or better than our Etsy shop.  If you have any questions just email us a moxieandmetal@gmail.com.